No place safer, than MOL Arena on Sunday

Innovative and unprecedented initiative from DAC 1904: we test the supporters before the DAC-Slovan derby.

The supporters can be allowed to the Sunday match held in MOL Arena with negative COVID-19 test only, in line with the paragraph D about the preventive actions against the spreading of the new coronavirus of the file number OLP/8136/2020 published by the Sanitarian Office of the Slovak Republic on 14. October 2020, according to which the mass events, where the all participants hold a negative COVID-19 test, which is not older than 12 hours, can be organized.

The fans belong to the stands – we are all part of the team! The match is not the same without the fans, the enthusiastic crowd encouraging the team is an essential part of the match. As the phrase says, the fan is the No. 12 player. The DAC 1904 football club brings back the fans to MOL Arena on 25. October 2020 in honor of the DAC-Slovan derby, and that with unprecedented way: with a free COVID-19 antigen test.

It is undeniable, that the world of culture and sport goes through a hard period. In Slovakia only 5 sports were allowed to finish their leagues – football is also among them.

DAC 1904 football club makes numerous efforts in order to returning of the fans to the stadium. We also measured our opportunities before the DAC 1904 – ŠK Slovan match, which will be held in MOL Arena in 25. October 2020. For this reason, we decided to provide a cost-free COVID-19 antigen test completion for those fans, who hold a season ticket valid for 2020/21 season. The testing will take place on the locations assigned next to MOL Arena on 25. October 2020.

We would like to achieve, that the fans, who enter the stadium, feel perfectly safe. MOL Arena is really a safe place, where everybody can enjoy the match in controlled circumstances, recalling the unforgettable atmosphere of the sold-out matches.

There was no such thing before!

The purpose of the club’s decision is to save the sport. DAC 1904 would like to say thank you with this initiative to the fans for their continuous support also in difficult times.

We also hope at the same time, that this unprecedented initiative will be a turning point in the future and development of football and also for the other championships in Slovakia, as the presence of the quick test in the market can offer a long-term solution to be safely together on the sports events.

Currently there are 1000 tests at the club’s disposal, but we are working of the capacity increase till the beginning of the match in the weekend. We will inform the fans about the changes constantly.

The sampling will be executed by skilled medical personal. There will be ten testing station at fan’s disposal, where the cost-free antigen testing will be held after the prior registration.

Attention! Only those tests will be accepted as valid, which were issued by our medical personal. We will not accept any other types of the tests at the entry.

How will the testing take place?

·The registration is available only for the fans, who hold a season ticket. As there is limited number of tests available for us at the moment, the registrations will be accepted in chronological order.
·If the fan is unable to find a free appointment in the interface, then sadly the testing capacity was fulfilled, and we are not able to register further applicants.
·Please register at latest until 10:00 o’clock on Friday 23. October 2020, or until the capacity fulfillment on this interface:
·Please give us only valid and functioning e-mail address for the test result transmission, as you will be notified via e-mail about the test result.
·After the registration the fan will receive a confirmatory e-mail to the given mail address, here everybody can find the exact directions about the testing (appointment, the name of the testing station, identification).
·We suggest arriving at least 10 minutes earlier before the given appointment to find your stand in time. Sadly, we cannot test those, who came late.
·The length of the examination is 3 minutes.
·After the examination you will be informed about the test result in 20 minutes via e-mail.
·If the test result is negative, the fan can take over his special armband, which together with the season ticket authorizes him to enter the stadium in the evaluation panel opposite the stadium, which is marked in the same way, as testing station.
·If the test result is positive, please go home immediately with minimal intercourse to prevent the opportunity of virus transmission. We also suggest getting in touch with the regional sanitarian office based on your place of residence and with your local doctor as soon as possible.
·The fans can enter the stadium from 13:00 o’clock. The hand disinfection is mandatory at the stadium entry, and in the stadium, there is also mandatory to wear the mask.
·We grant a contactless entry at the gates.
·Fans with season tickets can occupy the marked seats in every second row at stands A and C.
·Buffets will be available for the fans. There will be records of previous matches before the match.

We would kindly ask you to contact us on mail address, if you cannot be present on the match after the preliminary registration to give your place to another person.

We would like to ask everybody waiting for examination to not to be present around the stadium on Sunday. We ask the participants to comply all the field commands and accept the instructions of the event coordinators with the greatest understanding and cooperation.

Also, those, who did not get to the stadium, should not be discouraged, because Orange sport and M4 Sport broadcasts the match live.

Let’s cheer to DAC together!

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